BL Bio Lab has years of experience in the skincare industry. We’ve built custom formulations for renowned skin care companies from across the globe. As a result, we can put years of research and skincare expertise at your fingertips. Our in-house R&D lab boasts state-of-the-art technologies and research facilities. Our team of experienced Ph.D. chemists, skincare experts, and process engineers creates unique formulations that are completely in line with your business vision and custom product concepts. When you bring a custom formulation or a product concept to us, we create and thoroughly test product samples before going on with production. All this to ensure your customers get products that deliver the results you promised. 

Access World-Class Research and Development

Our R&D team has expert chemists, lab technicians, and process engineers on board. We do not outsource any of our R&D processes which ensures faster time-to-market and complete transparency into our research and test reports.

Our experience with leading skincare brands has enabled us to carry out extensive research on skincare ingredients. Our team uses established clinical sources and peer-reviewed research to give you an authoritative analysis of your custom formulations. We’re completely transparent about the technical data we’ve gathered about raw ingredients. Together, we make sure that the products you’re interested in manufacturing with us are safe and effective. 

After working with hundreds of thousands of formulations, our R&D team is capable of formulating and testing any kind of skincare product. We combine our research reports with market insights to deliver an optimal combination of active, result-oriented, and on-trend products. 

Our Custom Formulation Process

Skincare businesses looking for unique and innovative products for their customers also demand complete transparency into the R&D process. Our on-site R&D team and customer service are always happy to walk you through our research and development process so you can fully trust us with your manufacturing concerns. 

First, you can either select a product from our extensive inventory of in-stock formulations that’s closest to the product you have in mind. Alternatively, you can tailor a formulation from scratch after brainstorming with our in-house experts. Ultimately, you decide what suits you better based on your business goals and budget. 

When you choose a custom formula, our next step is to conduct thorough research and perform market analysis to determine the viability and efficacy of your product. If everything adds up well, we go ahead with manufacturing a sample batch to make sure that the final product is within your budget constraints, is according to your requirements, and delivers the promised results. 

We incorporate your feedback and our test results to improve the formulation to perfection. We go into full production only after getting a heads-up from you. In any case, you get to launch a  product that’s effective and gives you a competitive edge. 

Got a custom formulation that you’d like to discuss with our experts? Get in touch with our customer service now!