The growing beauty and skin health awareness has led to a massive increase in the demand for specialized eye and lip care manufacturing. These products are also some of the trickiest to manufacture because of the sensitivity of the areas of application. BL Bio Skin Care has been creating eye and lip care products for many luxury skincare lines for around three decades. Our formulas are safe and effective, making them perfect for the sensitive and delicate eye and lip areas. 

Our turnkey private-label eye and lip care products are known for their safety, tolerability, and efficacy. Based on our extensive experience and feedback from our global clientele, we guarantee promising results for all products that have made it to our catalog of diverse, retail-ready products. Eye and lip care manufacturing requires products under perfect sanitary conditions, using high-end processes and techniques. The end result is luxurious products that provide excellent results. 

Eye and Lip Manufacturing

Our turnkey contract manufacturing services include thorough and continuous testing, compliant labeling, unique packaging, and viable storage of the products we manufacture. Choose from our formulas or bring in your own, our in-house team will research, test, and develop exactly what you envisioned. Together, we will help you reach and exceed your business goals in no time.

Many leading brands which are making marks in the industry are already using our eye and lip products. Partner with us today to create spectacular eye and lip care products, and take your brand game up a notch! 

Our Expertise:

  • Moisturizing Eye Creams
  • Anti-Aging Eye Creams
  • Eye Serums
  • Eye Masks
  • Lip Balms
  • Lip Oils
  • Lip Exfoliants
  • Lip Butters