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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me create my own product?

Yes! We have a complete, all-in-one solution to help take your idea from concept to shelf.

Our Research and Discovery Team works with businesses of all sizes to assist in the creation and production of all types of skin care and botanical products. We can help facilitate all of the production, including packaging, labeling and even graphic designing. We are a full service facility.

Do you offer custom formulation?

Yes. We can manufacture custom cosmetic formulas, and our in-house R&D team can also assist in testing your new formulas before going into production.

Do you offer packaging?

As a manufacturer of skin care, we have well established partnerships in the industry. These relationships allow us access to pricing and distribution information. So, although we do not manufacture the actual packaging or bottles, we can source containers and packaging, and our pricing is often very competitive and considerably lower than most retail outlets.

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